is an experimental studio researching on strategies of architecture, urbanism and society.

TLA is specialized in housing, cultural and social architecture and is intensively researching on the topic of procedural, hybrid and refugee`s housing in Europe. The work of Simon aims for a harmonic synthesis of the past and the future, the natural and the artificial, the existing and the new within heterogeneous societies.

Simon Takasaki L. worked as Design Architect for progressive offices like J. Mayer H., Delugan-Meissl Associated Architects, Jerry Tate Architects, Studio Pei-Zhu and Graft before he founded TAKASAKI LAUW ARCHITECTS in Berlin in 2011.
He is Assistant Professor for Architectural Design at Leibniz University Hanover and is teaching Digital Design at TU Braunschweig. He is a critic at the Southbank University, the Royal College of Art London, the University Innsbruck and the TU Berlin.
His work has been internationally published and exhibited including the Biennale di Venezia and the MOMA NYC.


2016: „Wohnraum für Alle-Wir machen das!“ at Architekturgalerie München
2016: „Social Elevation Days“ at ImpactHub München
2015: „Refugees Welcome“ at AIT Salon Hamburg
2015: Ausstellung z. Flüchtlingskonferenz des nds. Innenministeriums at HCC Hannover
2015: Ausstellung zum Wirtschaftsempfang at LUH Hannover
2013: „Cut ’n’ Paste“ at MoMA NYC.
2012: „Haus der Zukunft“ at BA f. Bauwesen und Raumordnung Berlin
2012: „What if?“ Reinventing Nairobi`s Urban Fabric
2012: „Vertical Monastery“ at AIT Salon Hamburg
2012: „DropARound“ at Thailand International Furniture Fair TIFF
2011: „TurbulenceFlesh“ at WUHO Woodbury School of Architecture
2008: „SlowSculpture“ at „La Biennale di Venezia 2008“


2015: Zeichensaal TU Braunschweig / 3rd Prize
2014: Museum of Natural Sciences Bavaria Munich / 3rd Prize
2013: Housing at Klagesmarkt Hannover / 1st Prize
2012: TIFF Award 2012 / Finalist
2012: UnderTheRailroad N.Y. / Shortlist
2009: Shenzhen Literature and Art Centre / Finalist
2009: Shenzhen Information and Observation Tower / 1st Prize
2009: The Intangible Culture Heritage Centre Chengdu / 1st Prize
2009: Office and Apartment Towers Dongbo / 1st Prize
2008: la Biennale di Venezia 2008: EveryVille Competition / Winner
2007: Winter Festival Hall Erl / with DMAA / 1st Prize
2006: loop_! landmark for Audi / with J. Mayer H. / 2nd Prize
2003: Pavillon for the Leipzig Olympics / Finalist